How can we keep a clear head in a crisis, so that we can respond effectively? “Trusting your intuition” doesn’t always steer us in the right direction. Overwhelming emotions in the present and unresolved troubling emotions from the past can interfere with our ability to read current situations and take positive action. We all need to be able to tune in to ourselves and our emotional states, reading the cues in our minds and bodies. With these awarenesses, we can shift from anger, fear and sadness (directed towards others or ourselves), to compassion and empathy and a more peaceful outlook during hard times. Questions Peter and Jenny answer: 1) How can we shift from intense emotions of anger and fear to feelings of compassion and empathy?, 2) What are ways to diffuse and work through intense, negative emotions?, and 3) What can help people who deeply fear, when bad times come, that they won’t be OK and won’t recover from the losses they are experiencing?

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