Join Peter and Jenny for a video conversation with Thamahr Alexis-Woon. Thamahr is an Army veteran who has practiced her 20-year nursing profession in pediatrics, corrections, and now hospice care with Vitas Healthcare in Tamarac, Florida. Among her many patients, Thamahr provides loving care to Pauline Bernstein, Peter’s 95-year-old mother. Thamahr is married to Al Woon and is a devoted mother to daughters Natanya and Mikailah.
During our conversation, Thamahr spoke genuinely and eloquently about the rewards and hardships of serving with hospice. She shares the very personal experience which convinced her of the value of hospice at end-of-life for both patients and their families – and how it led to her commitment to this calling on her life. Thamahr is a woman of faith and treasures her family, both of which play an important part in her self-care.
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