Podcast Episode #28: Emotional Vampiring: the Hazards of Being a Caregiver

Caregivers devote one-hundred percent of their energy and compassion to those they care for, who often cannot reciprocate. Caregiving can then become a draining and discouraging experience. There are ways to provide empathic care and still hold on to hope. By learning, making mistakes, getting creative, and staying aware of [...]

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Podcast Episode #27: Healing Warriors: Becoming a Resilient Caregiver

Warriors set aside their needs to meet the challenges they face. After the battle is over, warriors need time to heal to preserve themselves and their relationships. Caregivers also must diligently practice self care to preserve themselves, improve their resilience and prevent burnout. With caregiving, stress and negative energy can [...]

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Podcast Episode #25: Self Care for All Caregivers

Caregivers must diligently practice self care to preserve themselves and prevent burnout. Caring for others in need can place a burden of stress and negative energy on a caregiver, which in turn can stimulate old stress and pain from their personal history. It is essential for a caregiver to know [...]

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Podcast Episode #14: Stressful, Traumatic Situations Need to be Seen as a Challenge & Not a Threat

Difficult situations call for action - measured, not impulsive - which helps move us toward a solution. Seeing such experiences as challenges, not threats also make it possible to succeed. Managing our negative emotions like fear and anger ("emotional hygiene") are also essential. Our thinking needs to stay focused on [...]

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Podcast Episode #13: Having Hope When We Face Overwhelming Challenges in Life

A deeper discussion of four strategies for facing difficult challenges: examining our attitudes; understanding our emotional reactions; taking responsibility; and examining our relationship to control. We present US Airways pilot Capt. Chesley Sullenberger - "Sully" - as an exemplar of someone who responded to an overwhelming challenge with courage and [...]

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Podcast Episode #12: Why me? What’s Broken Can Be Mended

When hard times hit, we have two choices: spiral downward into defeat; or seek support, gain perspective, learn new skills, and take steps. Moving forward with hope is not easy, but always possible. Listen to the podcast here  

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Podcast Episode #11: How to Draw Strength From Stressful Life Events

Why is hope so important during difficult times? How do we find hope when we're frustrated, discouraged and overwhelmed? And - how can we get stronger even while life gets harder? Join us as we begin to outline the attitudes and steps necessary to find strength and hope in adversity. [...]

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Episode #10: Forging Meaning From Adversity. Hard Times Can be Discouraging

  Hope can be hard to find and we may wonder, "Why me? Why now?" As we move through difficult times, it is possible to find hope and a sense of meaning and purpose in our struggles. Listen to podcast here  

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Wildfire Recovery and Healing

Wildfire has devastated our community. Lives have been lost, homes and businesses destroyed, and individuals and families dislocated. Firefighters have labored in high-risk conditions. Law enforcement personnel have protected our neighborhoods. Community organizations and countless individuals have stepped forward to offer refuge to evacuees. My heart goes out to everyone [...]

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Wildfire Recovery and Healing

https://youtu.be/WR6csvMzJv0 Recovery and healing are possible after traumatic experiences, such as the recent wildfires in Sonoma and Napa Counties. Peter Bernstein shares five suggestions for starting the process.

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