Crises urgently call for responses based on strength, skill and clear thinking. Even in the worst of times, correctly handling ourselves and our emotions can bring about good changes. In the first segment of this podcast, Peter and Jenny describe the nature of crisis, what it can feel like, and the body’s stress response mechanism. In the second segment, we explain the complications that previous, unresolved crisis or trauma experiences add to a current crisis. Our third segment sheds some light on the way the stress of a crisis can either bring out the worst, or the best in each of us – it’s up to us to choose. Our questions segment covers practical ways to respond effectively in a crisis: 1) How can you focus on the beneficial abilities and strengths you do have?, 2) Why is it important to take one day, or one hour, or one minute at a time?, and 3) Why is it unhelpful to think about what you can’t do and how can you shift your focus to what you can do?

Listen to the podcast here

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