It can be too easy to get stuck in a negative mindset during hard times. We are limited and human, unable to control all that we’d like to, and our negative emotions and reactions can be triggered and take over. It’s important to start by developing an awareness of when anger, fear or despair build up in our minds and bodies. We can then make deliberate changes to shift our outlook to a more compassionate approach to ourselves and to those around us. Essential steps in this process include slowing down and tuning in to yourself, recognizing the way negativity wastes needed energy, and also recognizing the way negativity robs us of the things we most value in our lives. Peter and Jenny answer the questions: 1) Is making the shift from a negative mindset to a positive one a matter of willpower, of just trying harder?, 2) If difficult life situations leave us feeling unable to care for others, or even ourselves, shouldn’t we feel shame?, and 3) What will we miss out on, and regret, by staying stuck in anger and resentment during hard times?

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