Podcast Episode #107: The Qualities of a Good Leader: Innovation and More

Times of crisis separate good from bad leaders. In this episode, we continue to define the qualities of a good leader. An ability and willingness to innovate in response to difficult times is one mark of a good leader. Innovation and creativity - responding effectively to new and changing situations [...]

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Podcast Episode #106: Self-Care Versus Self-Indulgence, Part 2: Qualities of a Good Leader

Times of crisis separate good from bad leaders. Leaders who give in to the temptation to abdicate and run away from their responsibilities fail the people depending on them. Good leaders do the opposite - they stay the course through adversity to continue to guide and provide for others. In [...]

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Podcast Episode #105: Self-Care Versus Self-Indulgence, Part 1

True self-care is essential for everyone experiencing stress and adversity. Leaders, caregivers, first responders, parents - anyone on whom others depend for direction and support - have a greater responsibility to discern between legitimate avenues for self-care and negative self-indulgence. Attitudes and actions which are primarily self-protective shortcuts to avoid [...]

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Podcast Episode #104: Dangerous Roadblocks to Self-Care for Caregivers

Covid vaccines are becoming more available, and yet times are still very difficult for us all. For front line medical personnel dealing with our pandemic, the heavy stress and burdens of providing care are leading to illnesses, family life difficulties and burnout. Self-care is essential for all caregivers to preserve [...]

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Podcast Episode #103: Recovery in the Time of Covid: Essential Attitudes for Resilience

While there is hope for a better year in 2021, the Covid crisis has been devastating in loss of life and loss of income for many. Without being insensitive to this reality, we see reason for hope. People are starting to get back on their feet. We can all come [...]

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Podcast Episode #102: Tiger Woods: The Fall and Rise of a True Champion

We continue to live in a tumultuous time of transition, of political, financial, and personal disruption and change. What does it take to successfully navigate these times? Those who are gifted or well-trained in only one part of life will discover their need for broader skills for resilience. Very early [...]

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Podcast Episode #101: Resilience and Success in 2021: Five Starting Steps

The old year, 2020 is over; 2021 begins. We are still in the midst of a complicated, difficult time. How can we create resilience and success in our lives in this new year? Peter and Jenny suggest a series of essential steps to take. In this podcast, we cover five [...]

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Podcast Episode #99: Meaningful Holidays in a Complicated Year

Creating a meaningful holiday gathering this year can benefit from early planning. Talk to those you love and listen to their desires and concerns. Balance safety with an opportunity to connect with family and friends by staying non-judgmental, allowing everyone to set boundaries consistent with their values and priorities. In this [...]

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Podcast Episode #98: Know Pain, Know Gain: Life is a Workout

Viewers of the Survivor's Guide to Life on YouTube won't be surprised to hear that Peter is a gym rat. Jenny doesn't miss a workout, either. Dedication to exercise and fitness is an essential part of our self-care. The familiar phrase, "No pain, no gain" carries a kernel of truth [...]

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Podcast Episode #97: Thamahr Alexis-Woon on Serving as Hospice Nurse: A Difficult But Fulfilling Profession

Join Peter and Jenny for a video conversation with Thamahr Alexis-Woon. Thamahr is an Army veteran who has practiced her 20-year nursing profession in pediatrics, corrections, and now hospice care with Vitas Healthcare in Tamarac, Florida. Among her many patients, Thamahr provides loving care to Pauline Bernstein, Peter's 95-year-old mother. [...]

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