Covid vaccines are becoming more available, and yet times are still very difficult for us all. For front line medical personnel dealing with our pandemic, the heavy stress and burdens of providing care are leading to illnesses, family life difficulties and burnout. Self-care is essential for all caregivers to preserve their health and ability to care for others. Many caregivers know the crucial importance of self-care, but neglect themselves anyway. What gets in the way? Misconceptions and negative attitudes are part of the picture. Caregivers can feel that self-care is selfish, set unrealistic expectations for themselves, or have conflicted motivations. Accepting what we can and can’t control for those we care for is a frequent challenge. It’s essential for stressed caregivers to become aware of the depleting effects of their work, to be honest, recognize and admit the toll their work takes on them, and do something about it. Seeking solutions, setting aside specific time for self-care, finding support and fighting isolation are necessary to preserve resilience.

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