With the COVID crisis, jobs are disappearing and established businesses are going under. Could it possibly be the right move to start a new business during economic hard times? Peter and Jenny propose just that. Reinventing yourself as an entrepreneur and following a dream, while carrying risks, can also bring great rewards. It is possible to do well while doing good – establishing a fulfilling way to support yourself financially while serving the needs of your community.
In the first segment of this podcast, Peter and Jenny refer to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal profiling new business startups. We highlight the key aspects of life as an entrepreneur, such as getting outside your comfort zone to grow and recover aspects of yourself and your abilities that you may have lost.
In the second segment, we share from our own writings and experiences of entrepreneurship. We stress the importance of being a self-starter and seeking good mentors as necessary for success.
Our discussion during the third segment includes how desperation can lead to valuable sparks of creativity and the importance of faith and trust to step out and face the unknown.
Questions from our final segment: 1) Is it possible to become more entrepreneurial while working for someone else?, 2) In exploring new business ideas, how can you tell when doors of opportunity are open or closed?, and 3) What does Peter mean when he says that entrepreneurs “find parts of themselves they lost while working for others”?
Links for this episode:
“Is It Insane to Start a Business During Coronavirus?” Wall Street Journal 9-26-20
Listen to the podcast here  https://www.thesurvivorsguidetolife.com/

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