Trauma/Healing 5

Trauma . . . . . . can happen at any age. Healing . . . . . . often proceeds faster in a malleable child than a hardened adult.

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Parenting Styles

I’m seeing several families in my practice now with adolescent sons. Adolescence is a challenging time for kids from even the healthiest of families. It’s a time when teens begin to separate from their parents and establish themselves as individuals. To successfully transition into adulthood, teens need to learn how [...]

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Trauma/Healing 4

Trauma . . . . . . can be an isolating experience. Healing . . . . . . happens most fully in relationships. From "A New Normal: Ten Things I've Learned About Trauma" by Catherine Woodiwiss

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“Ten Things I’ve Learned About Trauma” – by Catherine Woodiwiss

List articles are popular on the internet, some more helpful than others. Catherine Woodiwiss’ “A New Normal: Ten Things I’ve Learned About Trauma” from the Sojouners website is better than most I’ve found on the subject. Catherine has done a good job of translating her experiences with trauma into wisdom [...]

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Trauma/Healing 3

Trauma . . . . . . is a hidden epidemic. Healing . . . . . . is possible.

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Self-Pity and Grief

I had an almost identical word-for-word exchange with two of my patients last week. Both of these patients experienced significant early childhood deprivation and abuse. Both continue to be haunted by the pain from their distant pasts and yet they cut themselves off from feeling that pain.   This is [...]

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Trauma/Healing 2

Trauma . . . . . . is not a disease. Healing . . . . . . is not a cure.

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Good Parent, Bad Parent

Last week I wrote about reparenting in psychotherapy. I’ve used it as part of my practice since the beginning, about 45 years ago. Reparenting places a sizable burden of responsibility on a therapist, because it means committing in every way to being a loving parent to often deeply troubled people. [...]

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Trauma/Healing 1

Trauma . . . . . . is a visible or invisible wound. Healing . . . . . .repairs the wound, but there will always be a scar.

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I think the best description of how I approach being a psychotherapist is to say that I “re-parent” my patients.   When I was training in psychotherapy in the 70s, reparenting was part of the classic model. I believe our profession has moved away from taking on this role but [...]

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