The pandemic is bringing changes into our lives over which we have little control. If we’ve expected life to move in a smooth, linear way from one stage to the next, we’ve set ourselves up for disappointment. We can’t always choose our circumstances but we can choose how we respond. By accepting the need for change and responding with strength and courage, we can rewrite our life stories, casting ourselves in the role of hero. Patrick Cyuzuzo, a young man from Rwanda who was orphaned very young, rewrote his life story and shares a message of hope and gratitude in this episode. Patrick survived horrific experiences by making the choice to work hard and find a way to a better life. We answer three questions: 1) What does Patrick mean when he says he was able to “adopt the real me”, and what could that mean for each of us?, 2) How did Patrick use “powerful decisions” to survive and change his life?, and 3) What is most important for all of us to take away from Patrick’s message?
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