On April 12, 2021, Peter’s wife Lynn passed away at home, surrounded by those who loved her. In this episode, Peter shares his experience of intense grief over Lynn in the desire to help and encourage the many others grieving loved ones now. The Covid pandemic alone has taken the lives of over 550,000 Americans. Millions worldwide are grieving for lost loved ones. Peter’s fear was that he would not be able to function after Lynn’s death. He is finding that, with God’s help and strength, he can carry on his work as he grieves. Grief has emotional, mental and physical aspects that bring up memories, cause intense sadness, bodily aches and other symptoms. Peter feels, most of all, that the time of grieving is a time to focus on what matters most in life – love, truth, serving others, gratitude, and accepting our humanity. We close this episode with suggestions for how to sensitively express compassion for those who grieve.
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