The “blessing of urgency” is a way of looking at our challenging situation as an opportunity for change, to be creative and try new things, to find new ways to overcome the difficulties we are facing. In the midst of a long-running crisis, an extended vacation may not be possible. Setting aside time for a “mini-vacation” – a break to enjoy something distracting and refreshing – can help us restore our energy and perspective. In the first segment of this podcast, Peter and Jenny give an update on the extraordinary reality we are living through now and re-introduce Randy Mayfield, a singer, songwriter, pastor and coordinator of relief missions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In the second segment, we share part of a recent Zoom conversation with Randy in which he explains how the pandemic-necessitated cancellation of his work and travel plans resulted in new, more expansive opportunities to help people around the world – a definite “blessing from urgency”. Mini-vacations are the topic of our third segment – we explain how to take a “mini-vacation” and why they are so important for self-care and resilience. Questions from our final segment: 1) How can a mini-vacation refresh us if, by the time we stop to take one, we are completely exhausted?, 2) Can a mini-vacation help us recognize when it’s time to make changes in our lives?, and 3) Fifty years ago this month, a very urgent situation led Peter to make big changes in his life. Have these changes turned out to be a blessing?

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