Podcast Episode #49: A Caring, Empathic Person is Very Susceptible to Emotional Triggering

Compassionate, empathic people often feel called to a role that involves caring for others - such as caregivers, health professionals, or first responders. Such individuals, beyond their empathic nature, usually have personal histories that include suffering, trauma, and hardship. Caregivers' painful experiences give them even deeper sensitivities to the needs [...]

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Podcast Episode #48: A Life’s Work in Hospice: Teresa Lyons, RN, Serves the Dying with Heart and Skill

Special guest Teresa Lyons, a registered nurse with Hospice of Petaluma, shares from her life and thirty years of experience caring for dying adults and children. We are a "death-denying culture", Teresa maintains, to our great loss. Facing our mortality, not running from end-of-life involvement with those we love, can [...]

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Podcast Episode #47: Facing Adversity Calls Us to Face Our Humanity

Facing adversity - even for highly successful and accomplished caregivers and others - ultimately means having to face our limitations. Adversity, such as caring for a loved one, places caregivers in a situation where they do not have control and will reach the end of their abilities. To develop resilience, [...]

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Podcast Episode #46: The Caregivers Challenge: To Skillfully Manage Difficult Emotions

The day-by-day world of caregiving is difficult, stressful, exhausting, depleting - and at the same time one of the greatest opportunities for a meaningful, fulfilling life of compassionate giving. How can empathic and sensitive caregivers prevent compassion fatigue and burnout? Effective self-care must include a deeper understanding of appropriate boundaries [...]

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Podcast Episode #45: Adversity: Effective Caregivers Meet it Head On

Effective, resilient caregivers don't run away from the hard parts of life. Embracing adversity can shape us into the people we were meant to be. Painful experiences leave us with emotional burdens which must be felt, decompressed and resolved. Denying our hard times, or splitting off and disconnecting from them, [...]

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Podcast Episode #44: The Mind-Body Connection in Resilience and Self-Care

Stress, painful experiences, and the burdens of caregiving can result in taking on negative energy and emotions that find a place in both the mind and the body. The hardships of life can seem unfair but they happen to us all. It is possible to release the negative emotions and [...]

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Podcast Episode #43: Self-Care for Caregivers in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Effective self-care addresses every aspect of a caregiver's life - emotional, physical, social, mental, and spiritual. Practices to support each of these areas must be put in place and acted on to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout. Compassionate caregivers are like sponges, absorbing pain from their care recipients, while depleting [...]

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Podcast Episode #42: Caregiving Challenges Can Bring Out the Best in You

Following a visit to a local Fijian caregivers group, Bernstein Institute staff member and caregiver Hilloah Levy joins our discussion of the stresses and potential rewards of caregiving. How can caregivers continue to sustain a nurturing relationship with their care recipients while taking sufficient care of themselves to prevent fatigue [...]

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Podcast Episode #41: Extreme Caregiving: Randy Mayfield Brings Music and Hope to Refugees in Iraq

Internationally-recognized singer and songwriter Randy Mayfield joins us to share his experiences bringing aid to victims of ISIS terrorism on the border between Syria and Iraq. Randy participates in small teams, which include local workers, to bring supplies, support, music and hope to traumatized refugees, primarily Yazidis, living in extreme [...]

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Podcast Episode #40: Responding to Adversity Without Regret for Running Away

With special guest Mimi Amaral, we explore what it means to respond to the hardships that can come into our lives - to "face it, feel it, change it". Reacting to adversity by running away often leads to painful losses and regrets. Facing challenges can expose the parts of ourselves [...]

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